What to Look for on Premade Book Covers

How do pre-made book covers are a good fit? First, if you’ve located a reputable designer, then a ready-made book cover is an “professionaly made book cover design” made by a skilled cover designer. This does not mean that all the premade book covers that you can find on the internet were created by professionals. On the contrary unfortunately, the majority of sites that offer pre-made covers are either skilled designers or know the basics of design of book covers. Being familiar with Photoshop or Illustrator, or Indesign isn’t the same as being an artist. Many aspects come into play when creating covers for books. For starters, today’s sizes of thumbnails are important, and so do black and black and white renders of the covers. Because e-book readers remain mostly black and white and a lot of readers would rather read your novel using an electronic or reader. Your cover should appear appealing, not just on color pages, but also in grayscale too.
Typography in book cover design

Typography can be a completely different dimension to the cover design process.

Simply because a font is elegant doesn’t mean it has to be included in the cover design. Every genre of literature requires the use of carefully selected fonts. (It’s completely acceptable to experiment, but any experiments on the design of book covers should be conducted with care and consideration.) Before putting together the cover , the designer has to understand the fundamentals of what it is that the novel about.Next to being aware of content The designer should also be able be able to evaluate the basic shape of the illustrations employed for the cover. This is known as form analysis. The analysis of the method employed in the illustration, or the general appearance of the photos employed for the covers is an important element in deciding on and applying the typography, for more premade book covers click here.

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