The Secrets to the Perfect Book Cover

There is no perfect book cover. But the best covers are fantastic for various reasons. Certain covers capture the essence of the story, while others are stunning in their design and others serve as the basis for thousands of cover designs for books (think the cover of Da Vinci Code). Certain elements are the same on every cover. In the following posts, we’ll look at the elements that make great covers amazing! The book cover is an amalgamation of typographic elements, images and imagination. Like any design it is about finding the perfect balance. Book covers are not an artwork to hang on the wall. It’s not a work of art that the artist’s imagination takes an unfettered ride. Book covers are real-life design work with a goal. The goal is to get people to purchase the book.

This is the reason why so many talented designers fail when it comes to designing an attractive book cover. It’s because they’re not able to conceptualize or do not realize that creating an effective book cover is similar to designing the label for a glass of wine, or a great cereals box. It’s a business that is commercial. A well-designed book is one that stands out from the others or one that specifically focuses on a particular market, and isn’t just a glitzy or slick. It’s pragmatic. The idea is to promote.

In the next article, we’ll be focusing on the various elements of a successful covers for books. In the meantime, feel free to check our homepage!

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