How Do You Choose The Perfect Book Cover?

The book cover is a packaging and nothing more, not even less. Each package will do to stand out among other packages. For instance, if your story is set in the beautiful lake and an old man on the cover, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t place a lake and the old guy on the cover. There are thousands of covers with this type of design. Don’t think about your writing talents for a second , and instead concentrate on marketing that is creative. What will make this article be memorable visually? In what ways would it distinguish itself from other millions of covers available on the market? What kind of cover would the readers you target want to look at? If it’s a romantic novel that you’re writing, your cover should be romantic but it shouldn’t be dull and boring . If it’s a political thriller, it must be suspenseful however, it shouldn’t be cliche.

In short the end, yes, the market you target is crucial. Keep your target market in mind when looking for the best book cover design. All readers have a subconscious view of aesthetic, color and typographic expectations when they’re in the market looking for a book. Be mindful of these elements. But, on the other hand offer them something fresh also. This is why, when we design a book’s cover we strive to find the perfect balance between what’s “familiar” and what is “bold and innovative.” This is the basis of a great, functional book design. Enjoy your search! More in this page.

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