How do You Find The Best Book Cover Designer

Although we try to place each cover into the correct genre, it’s quite common that authors come across a book that fits their needs under another category. For example, a romance-themed cover could be found under poetry, while poetry covers might be located within literary fiction. To aid in getting the exact cover easy, we […]

What Fonts Are The Majority of Books Printed With?

In the broadest and traditional sense, fonts can be divided into two categories which are sans-serifs and serifs. A serif is a stridual stroke that is applied to the stem of a letter (which can also be referred to as”the “feet” of a letter). If a letter is adorned with this ornamental stroke, it’s referred […]

What Color Should You Choose for Your Book’s Cover Design

What’s the first thing that your brain is analyzing when you look at an item on a bookshelf? It’s not just the title or the author’s name. It’s not the image of the cover. It’s not the genre and it’s not the pricing. It’s not even the thickness or the binding style. The first thing […]

The Secrets to the Perfect Book Cover

There is no perfect book cover. But the best covers are fantastic for various reasons. Certain covers capture the essence of the story, while others are stunning in their design and others serve as the basis for thousands of cover designs for books (think the cover of Da Vinci Code). Certain elements are the same […]

Here’s the Procedure to Follow Before Submitting a Book Cover

How do I submit a book proposal? Your book could be the next greatest American novel However, nobody will have the time to go through the book when you submit your manuscript to them. For a reputable publisher, your book is just the word “manuscript” that they receive hundreds of them each month. Thus, writing […]